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This web site had been created in the frame of the OSCAR project (Observation des Surfaces Continentales par Altimétrie Radar) in the laboratory (LEGOS,Toulouse, France).

  • The interest of this project is to promote spatial altimetry over continental surfaces about the research topics such as: ice sheet and sea ice monitoring, vegetation and desert area monitoring and continental hydrological monitoring.
  • The main purpose of this project is to quantify the quality assessment of the altimetric data available on the CTOH data base, to supply for user any knowledge to process data (continental altimetry specificity, corrections, validation table) and to make a global diagnostic of the radar behavior (long term monitoring).

  • Currently a first "ice" validation chain had been developed for the cryosphere. It supplies the GRD altimetric data validation on the cryosphere (Antarctica and Greenland) for the ERS- 2 mission (Ku band) and ENVISAT mission (Ku and S band).

Detection and isolating of the "bad" tracks : On the left, the RMS of the surface height difference (dH) at the crossover computed using ENVISAT cycles from 9 to 67 before validation, on the right the same but after validation process.

trace Envisat

Validation table of the ENVISAT mission on Antarctica :For each track and for each cycle the assessment result is given by a coding color. In green, the tracks validated simultaneously for the Ku and S band; in yellow, the tracks validated only for the Ku band; in blue, the tracks validated only for the S band; in red, the tracks none validated simultaneously for the Ku and S band; in gray the missing tracks. This figure is available as ascii file and could be integrated to track selection procedure of a processing program.