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Quality Assessment

The OSCAR (observing continental surfaces with radar altimetry) project is totally involved in the quality assessment of altimetry measurements over the continental and the polar ice caps. Currently, a validation chain is already developed specifically to the cryosphere (ICE validation). Validation reports are generated describing the quality of the cycles. They include figures, maps, and tables of parameters and corrections validated for each cycle and details of the anomalies detected. The products of that validation are available on Antarctica and Greenland, cycle by cycle, and for all satellites missions below:
Under reprocessing. Available soon.
The validation of the ERS-2 mission is calculated for the period from May 1995 (Cycle 1) up to April 2003 (Cycle 83).
The validation of the ENVISAT mission is calculated for the period from September 2002 (Cycle 9) up to october 2010 (Cycle 94).
Particular investigations
Particular investigations are yielded on several problem highlighted by the ice validation process. Here are the different studies: