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Particular investigations

Particular investigations are yielded on several problem highlighted by the ice validation process. Here are the different studies:
ENVISAT RA2 Dry Troposphere correction for ice sheets
The LEGOS based OSCAR project (observing continental surfaces with radar altimetry) delivers a validation of the ENVISAT RA2 altimetry, in particular over Antarctic and Greenland. We investigated the stability and reliability of every correction on the altimetric measurements. Here we show the investigations on the dry troposphere correction. Although the overall trend in this correction is difficult to qualify, we found large unreliability of this correction at smaller scale on the Antarctic icecap. Large jumps are observed at cycle 40 and 55 of the satellite's life local trends of very significant and suspect values are found as well. We show the results of our investigations and map the impact this suspect correction has on the surface height changes. The impact is found to be non negligible and locally very significant. We investigate the possibility to re-compute a correction with the ECMWF pressure fields and show the improvement on the height recovery and height change surveys.